Obstacle Course

We all have a little competitive fire inside of us, and there’s no better way to let your partygoers express this than with an obstacle course rental from Northland Party Rentals! We deliver all across Kansas City and around Jackson County, as well as other surrounding areas. Let us take the obstacle course experience right to your party or event! We take care of delivery and setup for you, making it easier than ever for you to introduce your guests to an exciting attraction and an unforgettable afternoon full of thrills and adventure!

      Browse Our Selection of Challenging Inflatable Obstacle Courses

      Obstacle courses are challenging and immensely satisfying for guests of all ages! Our fun courses challenge participants to race against each other as they traverse all sorts of obstacles, from walls that must be climbed to tunnels that one must crawl through, water-based challenges such as slippery surfaces, and more. Just check out the gorgeous Marble Obstacle Course with its stunning blue and purple shades! Or how about the ever-popular 100’ Radical Run Obstacle Course, which offers over 100 feet of ground for guests to cover? With Northland Party Rentals, you really can’t go wrong with any of our choices! Need to account for gear such as tables and chairs or other party accessories? We also carry plenty of party extras for your upcoming Kansas City party or event, so be sure to check them out. Book your obstacle course with Northland Party Rentals today and get a quote here!

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