18ft Rock Wall Dual Lane Slide

Price: $319.00 (6 hours)

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Dimensions 30’L x 11’W x 16’H
Setup Area 38'L x 16'W x 18'H
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The 18 ft Rock Wall Dual Lane Slide is a customer favorite! This awesome TWO RIDER inflatable is sure to be the hight light to any event! You start your competitive climb to the top by climbing atop the inflatable platform with your opponent and pushing your way through the inflatable wall. Once you have squeezed through the inflatable wall you will start climbing the inflatable rock wall to the top of the dual lane slide. The winner will then be the first one that made it to the bottom of their slide! This Slide DOES fit inside the standard size gymnasium. The 18 ft Rock Wall Dual Lane Slide has a 600 lb weight limit with a max weight of 275 per rider. 

** This inflatable does book quickly during Field Days, please book 6-8 weeks in advance.

$319 for up to 6 hours.